About Report, Report Scope, and Boundaries

  • Organizational Boundaries

    This report covers 3M’s owned manufacturing facilities and leased facilities worldwide, including joint ventures (if greater than 50 percent 3M ownership) and partially owned subsidiaries (if greater than 50 percent 3M ownership) where 3M has full operational control. Acquisitions are included in data sets once legally owned and fully integrated onto 3M systems.  All data included in the report is global data unless otherwise specified. Any significant organization changes are identified in the Annual Report 2017 and 2017 Notice of Annual Meeting & Proxy Statement.

  • Report Schedule and Period

    Current Issue: May 8, 2018
    Next Issue: Scheduled for May 2019
    Previous Issue: May 9, 2017

    Prior to 2010, 3M’s Sustainability Report was a fully integrated website. Therefore, copies prior to 2010 are not available.

    This report provides a summary of the activities in fiscal year 2017 (January 1, 2017, to December 31, 2017).